Copycat Theme

  • Responsive layout - choose max # of columns
  • Customizable colors, fonts, and links
  • Upload your own header and background images
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Retina display support

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Theme 05 by Jenny

  • 500px/400px posts
  • 8 custom links
  • 100px wide sidebar image
  • Lazy load (optional)
  • Show/hide tags
  • Webkit scrollbar

Do not steal, use as a base code, claim as your own or remove the credit. 

Static preview // Pastebin // Freetexthost

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THEME 15: REALITY | by dyingargent

Preview | Freetexthost

The preview gif is terrible, I’m sorry.


  • Don’t redistribute.
  • Don’t use as a base.
  • Edit if you want, but leave the credit intact.
  • Don’t steal any part of the code.


  • 400px/500px posts
  • Up to five custom links (keep the titles short)
  • Hover for links + pagination
  • Sidebar image is 350px tall/250px wide
  • Optional hover tags
  • Optional grayscale posts
  • Optional faded posts
  • Optional mini cursor

+Check out thehtmlhotties themes!

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Grandewritestheme ten: stronger than i’ve been.

Live preview. & Get the code.

Theme rules.

Like, or reblog before using.
Do not remove the credits.
Edit to your liking.
Don’t claim as your own or redistribute.

Theme features.

245px wide sidebar, and it needs to be 275px high or it’ll look strange.
Three custom links that hovers when you hold the mouse in the middle of image.
Pagination under the description.
Easy editable colors.

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THEME 010. ally a

500px posts, sidebar image (400px) anchored from bottom or top, five customizable links, jump pagination, subtitle. 


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Theme #10 Tessellate by urie/kilmorecove

Preview: static; Code: pastebin, freetexthost

Description: A 400px/500px theme with an optional 250px wide sidebar image. You can add up to 3 custom links, choose a layout with the caption and post info floating on the right or on the bottom of the posts. The theme features: show/hide caption and tags options, optional lazyload and webkit scrollbar. All colors are customizable.

Keep the credits intact, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own and don’t copy, thanks.

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Theme five by effiedeen (previously jcwaylnd) Preview / Code

  • 8 adjustable (and optional) links
  • 100x100px  | 380x667px  sidebar images

Please like or reblog if using, don’t claim as yours and don’t use it as base. xx

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